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The goal was to work with a developer to design an app that would effortlessly archive an inbox. We collaborated on the basic funtionality of the app but the app design was left to me.
I was the sole designer on this app desgin. Although I did test users, a lot of focus went into the UI of the product.
I used Sketch for creating wireframes and high fidelity mockups. InVision was used to create an interactive prototype.


This project came about as my client was talking to some of his older friends who were struggling to archive their inboxes. He recognized a need for an intuitive app to archive emails. His goal was to develop an application linked to Gmail that would be easily accessible for the older population; a demographic who may not have the tech savy to navigate these features themselves.

Gmail users have no clear way to apply an action to their entire inbox. They could use the “checkbox” feature to "select all," but it only selects 50 emails at a time, which is not effective when you have 10,000+ messages sitting in your inbox.

To archive all the emails in Gmail inbox:

  1. Enter “inbox” into the search bar
  2. Press the search button or press return to run the search
  3. Click on the small down arrow on the search bar and select Create filter with this search
  4. Click OK when warned that the filter will not apply to new mail
  5. Select Skip the Inbox (Archive It) and Also apply filter to X matching conversations
  6. Click Create Filter
  7. Inbox archived


Users need a better way to clear their Gmail inboxes because there is not an intuitive way to archive entire inboxes at a time, leading to frustration and wasted time trying to remove small batches of emails.
By creating the “Clear Inbox” app, users will be able to easily archive emails which will save them time and decrease their anxiety and frustration around navigating confusing tools.


Janet is a retired mother and grandmother who is active in her community. She is subscribed to community newsletters and multiple social media sites including facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on her family and friends. She opens her email to see an overwhelming amount of notifications daily.

Age: 60 yo

Tech empathy: Low

Needs from an app:

  • Simple layout with clear choices
  • Suggestions based on past purchases
  • Clear calls to action

Pain Points:

  • Overwhelmed by options
  • Indistinct settings categories
  • Having to remember a difficult proccess
  • Multiple step login/logout
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I’m tired of being overwhlemed by the amound of emails in my inbox.


Because the process of archiving emails needed to be simplified, I worked to determine just how streamlined CLEAR INBOX could be without losing basic functionality. The initial code looked was basic, leaving lots of room for creative liscense.
  • The code is simple and to the point
  • Animating up and down gives users a visual cue the app is working
  • The amount of time it takes to count up and down is poor user experience
  • Because users will test the free version before buying premium, the interaction must be pleasing
  • How do I make the experience memorable since archiving is not a needed on a daily basis


wireframes mockup
  1. Login with Google


wireframes mockup
  1. View emails animate up
  2. Archive emails
  3. View emails animate down


wireframes mockup
  1. Receive confirmation
  2. Return to “Landing screen”

Landing, Zero

wireframes mockup
  1. Archive emails
  • Users need a choice to bail after initially choosing “archive”
  • Users were unclear where “Go Back” lead to after recieving confirmation
  • What happens when one chooses “Archive Emails” when at zero


mid fidelity mockup
  1. Login with Google


mid fidelity mockup
  1. View emails animate up
  2. Archive emails
  3. Confirm choice


mid fidelity mockup
  1. Archive emails
  2. Progress indicator


mid fidelity mockup
  1. Receive confirmation
  2. Start over

Landing, Zero

mid fidelity mockup
  1. Archive messages
  2. Receive feedback
  • Users responded positively to the ability to confirm their decisions
  • Users disliked the aesthetic of the floating links inclcuding “Log Out” and “Start Over”
  • Users liked recieving feedback that their inbox was at zero


freemium mockup
  1. Continue for free


freemium mockup
  1. No change in flow


freemium mockup
  1. Receive confirmation
  2. Choose "Start Over"

Success, Modal

freemium mockup
  1. See timer counting down
  2. Exit or choose "CLEAR ALL"
  • Users like Janet, are skeptical of paying for apps without proof that the app will deliver what it claims
  • To midigate the skeptisim, a “freemium” version of Clear Inbox was introduced
  • Users have the opportunity to clear 100 emails daily at no cost
  • The option to opt into the premium version begins at subscription and reappears on the “Success” screen
  • Users liked how clean and easy to navigate the subscription screen is
  • The fact that users can test the app before paying for it was seen as a positive
  • Users were liked the timer which gave real feedback to what their next steps should be
style guide
  • Color

    • Blue is a color often used to convey feelings of tranquility and trust
    • Users want to feel a sense of relief when they interact with CLEAR EMAIL
  • Text

    • Ubuntu reports to have a unique tone of voice. Its style conveys a precise, reliable and free attitude.
    • Users need to feel in control throughout this process yet have peace of mind that CLEAR INBOX is reliable.
  • Icons

    • The interface started off with a flat design. A slight gradient and geometry was included to add interest.
    • A minimalistic design approach emphasises usability.


Clickable Prototype

  • Create a SOW before starting on a client’s project to manage expectations
  • Be constantly communicating with the client to determine if both visions are in alignment with the end goal
  • Test early and often , even if you think you know enough about your user base to move forward with designs

For future iterations I would:

  • Animate images to demonstrate intent
  • Redesign the website for mobile.
  • Discuss creating a PWA version to imrove accessiblity and increase usage offline
  • Include more user testing to determine what interactions could be improved to make the app more user friendly